Overseas Estate Agencies / Real Estate Brokers

Collaboration in Istanbul Property Sales with Us

We are currently seeking Professional Overseas Estate Agencies / Real Estate Brokers to collaborate in Istanbul Property Sales.

We are looking for:

·         Genuine partners who are willing to make the effort for their business.

·         Reliable partners who hold the same business values we do and are interested in a long term relationship.

·         Ideally businesses already involved in real estate, however, new agents are also welcome.

·         A local coverage of quality agents, with exclusive regions to market our properties to. We are not looking for hundreds of agents overlapping each other.

We can provide you:

·         The largest portfolio of properties in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities for overseas property sales in the world.

·         Full advice and information on the property purchasing process in Turkey, allowing you to pass this information onto prospective clients.

·         One of the best reputations in the area of Istanbul.

·         A dedicated sales and administration team including a lawyer.

·         A detailed database and photo gallery.

·         Excellent relationships with the local builders and private property owners.

Upon a signed partnership contract:

·         We will provide photos and property information for your online portfolio.

·         Upon supply of a template, we will provide fully formatted window displays to match what you may already use.

·         Pay a generous commission upon a confirmed sale from the leads you provide.

·         Provide a full service to the client from the initial introduction, leaving you to concentrate on attracting the next client.

What we ask from you:

·         Not to alter the sales prices and specifications from our property portfolio. Honesty is the best policy.

·         To be on hand to provide us with local support as and when necessary.

·         Make sure you talk to the market leaders first.

If you feel that this is a venture worth both your time and ours, then please contact us with your interest or feel free to call us on 0090 532 3348120   e-mail: adnanbayraktar10@hotmail.com