Sell Your Products Better with us


Sell Your Products Better with us

Your reliable trade partner in Turkey

As everybody already knows, most small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) rely on agents and distributors to do business on foreign markets. Selecting the right and reliable trade partner (whether agent or distributor) and making sure that he will take on all expected activities, is a key success factor on international markets.

What is our offer to the suppliers (exporters) to enter foreign markets and sell their products better?

- We offer to have a role of representative of the suppliers (exporters) in the market.

*The exporter just sets the selling price, with inputs on local market by us.

*  Our customers’ orders come to the exporters through us and the exporters then deliver, invoice and collect payments directly from the customers.

* We are paid by the supplier (exporter) through a commission on the sales value generated.

** We provide more focus on your products in order to sell them better.

Please reply to us to start a long-lasting collaborating. We will be happy to work with you.


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